Friday, February 25, 2011

Hitomi Tanaka Planetsuzy

Did I get ne slap or is it Cherry?

love guys, here are finally my post about the two new Alverde-Blushes which I have recently bought blindly! Unfortunately, we went with me the last days a bit haywire, and next week I have a new job I will not be able to post something every day. But just 2 or 3 times a week is yes, huh?

So, here are the Sch├Ątzelchens!

Links "01 Antique Rose "and right" 02 Cherry ".

Here at the Swatch I have one each taken with the little finger and painted once a product over the skin. One can see that things are pigmented damn good! Whether this is good or bad you will see it;) "cherry" color is really intense ne I must admit!

Here I have the swatches then hide something - looks much better, and now comes! I knocked really very little product from the holes and then I reingedippt with the brush easily. That came out of it! Through my attempts to blind the whole has only more spread out, haha! It looks really bad, so of course you can go in any event before the door .. unless you abeitet in the theater or ... ehhhh yes;)

pretty tough right? In further experiments, I then came to the conclusion that we must take even less product, and then before you deal with that on the cheek, a little at the back of the hand abstreicht. Then you get back that clear discreet. Well, the Cherry I will probably abuse rather than eye shadow ... He is really something to me hard and I had also introduced me rather red and not so super-knallepink .....

here now again the "Antique Rose", which is a bit complicated. In the picture here I have it but also be applied directly, without knocking, and so, therefore, sees the result of something more extreme.

would So go course I do not even get out, but it is indeed what to see in the picture, so I have both on it made quite a large area and left out the pictures with the decent job times, There you can see that is hardly anything (because my cam, you know!)

All in all, it comes with the "Antique Rose" rightly also good if you're careful. I like him, the color is really nice!

Have you for even one of the new Blushes? How do you find them?


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